TC initiates R&D activities in its fields of activities, producing academic papers, bringing people from different horizons together and facilitating original synergies between actors and institutions.

Lecture in a workshop on fiscal policies and corruption at the Executive Master in Development Policies and Practices, Graduate Institute, Geneva

Partnership with the University of Bochum (Germany) for the production of

Organisation with the Europainstitut of Zürich of the seminar Sicherheit und Justiz 2020 and Radikalisierung unserer Gesellschaft , in 2013 with representatives of Swiss and European judges, prosecutors and police officials

Presentation on mediation and juvenile justice during the conférence nationale Jeunes et violence of the Swiss social security office, 2013 (in French only)

Organisation and moderation of a Swiss ministries’s and police officers’ visit to the Ministry of Internal affairs of Finland, 2013

Swiss seminar of public administration reform, held by the Swiss public administration graduate institute, on public security and the role of municipalities Sécurité: quelles responsabilités pour les communes?, 2012 (in French only)

Financing of an award for master’s degree research in policing and criminology at the University of Bochum

Various publications on policing, justice reform and corruption

Blaise Bonvin, Corruption : between perception and victimisation, SDC policy paper

Blaise Bonvin, Redefining the State’s Functions in Crime Control, A Critical Genesis of Local Safety Policies in Western Europe, in the International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice

Blaise Bonvin, Public Security in Georgia and the Region Bordering Abkhazia. Revisiting Some Received Ideas, Transnational Crime and Corruption Center, George Mason University

Blaise Bonvin, Training and non-security aspects of the police democratisation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the Journal of Conflict, Security and Development

Bernhard Prestel et alii, Good Governance in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Police Training for Democracy, Felix-Verlag

Victor Prestel, Police Rating, A new methodology to measure police performance, Rendészeti Szemle (H)